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Newspaper advertising is the oldest kind of advertising that is seen these days. This is even now the foremost type of advertising that companies do. These forms of ads are an excellent way to get to the multitude of people, particularly those who are aged 45-plus. This age group tends to read the newspaper more regularly than the younger population. You will find that Attri Events Pvt. Ltd is the best Newspaper advertising agency in India.

Similar to other forms of advertising, the price of the print ad depends on scores of other things. For example it depends on: the dimension of your ad(s), which publication(s) you employ, what parts of the paper(s) you desire your ads to appear, and the regularity on which you want to run the ads, and whether it should be in color or black & white. With regard to working with different publications, Attri Events Pvt. Ltd will always quote the lowest Newspaper advertising rate and also will assist you in designing your ads.

In fact, a newspaper is actually separated into columns. Your newspaper advertisements are sized based on the set formula: a particular number of columns in width and a particular number of inches in length. Multiplying the 2 numbers collectively will provide you the count of “column inches” of your advertisement, which will determine its cost.

Both the daily plus the weekly papers do have unique sections like a holiday, home development, landscape gardening etc all through the year, and it is left to you to select the appropriate one to put up your business ads. Your Newspaper advertising agencies in India will let you know what it is that works. It is a fine idea to put ads in these unique sections. The best thing about these special sections is that it is less costly, or automatically places your advertisement in all papers, in every section, and at times even offers free color print, which is a wonderful bonus.

Attri Events Pvt. Ltd – a newspaper advertising agency

Attri Events Pvt. Ltd conveys Newspaper advertising in India. We offer the most excellent and lowest price to our clients for Newspaper advertising. With our affiliation with over 500 publication houses throughout India, we guarantee the most excellent markdowns when you place an ad in Newspaper via Attri Events Pvt. Ltd. You can get in touch with us for reduced price of your Newspaper advertising campaign.

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