There are a lot of ways in which Metro advertising can be achieved – for instance, Advertising on the inner and outer portions of metro trains, by placing billboards and banners on platforms, HD digital screens both inside the trains as well as on the platforms, train drapes, stagnant media, middle junction advertising, ticket advertising etc. Yet another benefit of Metro promotion mode is the potent psychographic report that comes out of these advertisements. Attri Events Pvt. Ltd is a leading metro advertising agency in Delhi, India.

Metro ads acquire an outstanding audience viewership in terms of time; that is a maximum of 40 minutes. The advertisement has at all times been about engaging the attention plus recurrence of people. And you will not find any other better place to accomplish both than Advertising in Delhi Metro. With reference to ROI, ads with Delhi Metro are next only to TV. Thus we at Delhi Metro advertising agency can comprehend the character, value, feelings, manners, security, and lifestyles of our Customers.

Advertising in Mumbai Metro is a perfect mass medium to get to higher middle class plus working pros. It has the potentiality to generate a massive impact for any brand/service. It affords a favorable chance for brands to benefit from a broad range of an audience base since the Mumbai Metro is intended to link East with West. With a track that extends 208 km plus roomy contemporary stations, you can rest assured that your message will be heard as well as repetitive sufficiently to breed awareness. Increasing brand attentiveness will eventually get you what matters most and that is a boost in your sales. The Mumbai Metro advertising agency will give you a helping hand in reaching the millions who traverse through the metros every day.

Advertising in Kolkata Metro

The city of Kolkata has known for its hustle bustle life and hence the Metro service is very suitable to travel from one part to another part of the city. It is a mode which is used by people of different categories to travel. So aiming metro for promising your brand means you are producing fast brand consciousness. The lively environ of the metro causes your Advertising in Kolkata Metro, extremely powerful.

Get in touch with the Kolkata Metro advertising agency for metro promotion packages. Pick one that suits your budget. Talk to your agent with regard to the customization plan that gives the service based on your time period, banners and routes. Opting to place your advertisements at the Kolkata metro service for out-of-doors advertising is an outstanding idea.

Bengaluru Metro advertising agencies

Make use of the metro stations as well as the inner plus exterior torso of metros for promoting. Change a metro into your modified mobile poster which is without an iota of doubt a stimulating and lucrative deal. Here are a few advantages of selecting the Bengaluru Metro advertising agencies for Advertising in Bengaluru Metro:

  • Access to Targeted Audiences
  • Stay Competitive
  • Customized Marketing
  • Budget Friendly
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