Radio Advertisement

Advertisements on radio have prevailed for quite a long time now plus are getting enhanced gradually. Radio has its roots spread and strong no matter what other media has become very famous with the passage of time. Advertisements on radio have to be very short and crisp but must pass on the message in a very short time. The attention duration is very little hence the registration of the message in the minds of the people must be very effective to popularize your brand or product. FM Radio Advertising Agency Chennai can help you with your advertisements in radio.

FM Radio Advertising began with the institution of Radio City Bangalore. This is India’s foremost private FM radio station. Up till then, only All India Radio which was famously known as AIR used to transmit Radio substance as well as ads.

Cost for advertising in FM Radio

The cost of advertising on radio in India is cited with reference to the rate of a 10 sec ad transmitted on one occasion would cost on that specific radio station. The cost of FM radio advertising cost changes and relies on the time band during which these ads are to be played. FM radio stations in Metro like Radio Suryan FM Chennai, Red FM Mumbai, Radio One Pune, Radio Fever Mumbai, Radio City Hyderabad, Radio Indigo Bangalore, as well as Radio Mirchi Delhi are just a few of the very popular FM radio stations both for advertisers and listeners.

FM Radio Advertising Agency Mumbai

Advertising on Radio FM is efficiently used for passing on message plus it is one of the efficient and cost-effective advertising means for establishing the brand image or to inspire the sales activity. FM Radio Advertising Agency Mumbai offers FM advertising on every one of the main FM channels as well as a Regional channel with an innovative idea and jingle creation. We design FM advertising based on your services, product as well as distinct target audience. You are free to choose the media from different lingos to aim listeners from all areas and localities.

FM Radio Advertising Agency Kolkata

Advertising on Radios in Kolkata is an incredible medium for advertisers since it lets them reach out to the home community in a very targeted and cost efficient manner. Nevertheless, these are not the only reasons why use Radio ads in Kolkata. With the expert understanding of FM Radio Advertising Agency Kolkata, we can direct advertisers through the procedure of advertising on Radio in Kolkata and foresee their promotional requirements.

Attri Events Pvt. Ltd – your radio advertising agency

Attri Events Pvt. Ltd is a top FM Radio Advertising Agency in Delhi, India. We can assist you to advertise in FM Radio stations in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Delhi amongst other eighty cities where FM Radio advertising is feasible. With a wide-ranging bond across all FM stations in India, you can be guaranteed of the most excellent FM radio advertising rates in Delhi when you work with us.

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