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The most innovative and absorbed mediums of advertising during the recent years is without a doubt Cinema. The rates for Cinema advertising are one of the least amongst the non-mass media. Even though Cinema advertising has been there for nearly 30 years but it has been only for the past few years when Cinema Advertising in India became very popular. With the advent of Multiplex chains like Wave, Carnival, Inox, DT, Cinepolis, PVR etc cinema advertising became prominent in India. Advertising in Theatres is well known not only amongst large scale advertisers but with small budget promoters as well.

Cinema is a medium that helps to reach a young, difficult-to-attain audience which cannot be captured through any other media. The audience of cinema is exceptional in that it is conscientious, occupied, and constituted of extremely sought-after young, well-off, and well knowledgeable consumers. These consumers are not sidetracked by mobile gadgets, electronic media, remote-controls, or even simple household activities performed during commercial breaks. Till such time malls plus multiplexes are packed with families as well as youngsters who relish an entire day of fun during weekends, the Best cinema advertising agency in Delhi plus its opponents will be engaged in developing incredible advertising ideas. It is a potential and lucrative business where the chances are unlimited. Innovative minds with pioneering ideas can earn a fortune!

Attri Events Pvt. Ltd the Cinema advertising agencies in Delhi provide a continuous, encouraging and friendly attitude of the wealthy confined audience, accuracy targeting, and unlimited ground-breaking possibilities. Exhibit your products and/brands in a bigger than life arrangement! In fact, advertising through Cinema presents the ideal platform, both on as well as off-screen to be inventive in communicating with your targeted audience. You can depict your brand’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) on the huge screen, incorporate attention-grabbing promotional substance at the ticket counter, offer sampling choices at the snack counters, restrooms, hang around the vicinity, have interactive areas to capture your audience – the chances are infinite!

Delhi Cinema Advertising Rates

Attri Events Pvt. Ltd is the solitary address for cinema advertisement in India. We tender the most all-inclusive on-screen promotional plans, branding, establishment and modernizations together with least Delhi Cinema Advertising Rates to attain your plan aims. Some of the novel cinema advertising accomplished by us includes making product experience zone, Bike launch in the theater to on screen plus off screen combination of the ad.

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